Christmas Star Garland

Use an old potato and your crafting skills to make a festive star garland to hang in your window.

Got a big old potato? Make a printing stamp using a home-made 'carving tool' to print stars for your garland. This easy technique uses paper clips for marking out and carving your design into slices of potato ready to print.

Get an adult to cut your potato in half crosswise so you have three chunky round pieces to create three different sized stars - small, medium and large. You can download our template or draw your own. 

Then you'll need some paint (gold, silvery or glittery colours give a lovely festive shine) and a length of ribbon or Christmassy twine. We recommend around 17 stars per metre of garland. You could make shorter ones to go on doors or across windows or a longer length to festoon all around the room. You might even want to make a smaller one to drape around your Christmas tree.

Get cracking with your Christmas creativity!