Activity 1 Spud Squad SuperChef

Do you want to become a Spud Squad SuperChef? Let’s see what you know about potatoes and how to cook them!

This week we will focus on the nutritional values of potatoes, and ways they can be cooked. By the end of the week, you will be creating your own potato recipe, so be sure to gather all inspiration you can along the way!

At the end of each day’s activity, there will be a question. If you get these all right, you can become a member of the Spud Squad, and get an official SuperChef certificate from Super Spud!

In this first activity, you will be looking at nutritional values of potatoes, aswell as what a healthy, balanced meal looks like.

Eating a balanced diet is important for your body to get all the essential nutrients it needs to keep it working efficiently. Using the NHS Eatwell Guide is great to help understand what we need in our diets, and how much of each food is recommended. You will see starchy carbohydrates, including potatoes, should make up a third of your diet!

Download our printable sheet and find out more about healthy eating and nutritional values of potatoes. Get your pencils or pens ready aswell, you will be doing some drawing! If you’re struggling for some of the answers, there is a passage to help you figure them out.

This is activity 1 of 5 – work your way through all activities and receive your Spud Squad SuperChef certificate!