Cornish New potatoes: Planting, growing and harvesting in the South West

Posted: 1st June 2020

FG Pryor & Sons is a major supplier of Cornish New potatoes, so as harvest gets into full swing, everyone on the farm is kept busy. Colwyn Farm has been run by the Pryor family since the late 1800s and Philip and his wife Denise are longstanding members of Branston’s Producer Group in the South West.

Perfect ways to use up your leftover spuds

Posted: 11th May 2020

Cooking a Sunday dinner or a mid-week roast for the family can often leave you making too many spuds, but don’t be tempted to throw them out or store them in the fridge for days on end.

How to get your kids cooking and creating with potatoes

Posted: 4th May 2020

Getting the kids involved with the cooking is a great way of teaching them about nutrition, how to make healthier choices and it also encourages them to try a new dish – especially if they’ve made it themselves.

Seven simple recipes you can make during lockdown

Posted: 27th April 2020

The kitchen is the heart of the home and nothing beats a hearty meal with your family. As everyone is now spending more time at home it can be even harder to come up with tasty menu choices to satisfy the whole family, especially as some ingredients are a little harder to find.