Potatoes: the surprisingly non-guilty pleasure

Posted: 11th August 2016

Potatoes tend to be amongst the first foods we slash when we start a new diet, but don’t let the low-carb craze of recent years scare you off this surprisingly nutritious food.

Potatoes Fit for a Picnic

Posted: 8th August 2016

Now that the British summer is in full swing – we hope – it’s time to dust off those picnic blankets, dig out your Tupperware and, of course, prepare some delicious potato dishes.

A potato for every occasion

Posted: 22nd July 2016

People often ask us to explain about different types or varieties of potatoes and why they’re good for different things.

Welcome to Seasonal Spuds

Posted: 7th June 2016

Seasonal Spuds officially kicks off this month - with the introduction of one of the UK's earliest, and most delicious, potato crop: Cornish potatoes.