Back to school: quick and easy potato dishes that will save time in the kitchen

5th Sep 2016
Cooking Nutrition

Whether it's back to school, college or university, time to cook in the evenings can often be limited. Here are our favourite dishes for when you need a quick but tasty meal.

It’s that time again when we head back to school or university for another year. With that comes all the rushing about in the evenings – whether it’s picking the kids up from school or slogging it out at late afternoon lectures and late night study sessions. Sometimes we get so busy that having a few quick, easy and filling meal ideas stashed away can really help. This is truly where the potato finds its moment in the spotlight, as its versatility makes for the perfect base for a cheap, satisfying meal for every palette.

Back to basics

A simple jacket spud topped with baked beans or tuna mayonnaise is a modest dish perfect for those nights when you don’t want to spend all evening in the kitchen. Although it can often be dismissed for taking too long to cook, by simply replacing an hour in the oven with a quick blast in the microwave you can have yourself a tasty meal in a fraction of the time. It’s not just speed and comfort that the jacket has to offer either, as it makes the perfect base for a wide variety of flavours and ingredients. Here are just a few possibilities to tempt your taste buds:


Tuna, lime and coriander jacket

This recipe provides a great twist on a classic dish and can be put together in just 25 minutes if you use a microwave to cook your spud.

Chicken and tomato jacket

This combination will appeal to those trying to keep to a healthier lifestyle as you can swap your usual butter for non-fat yoghurt for a meal that is easy on the waistline. Serve with heaps of steamed veggies or fresh salad for a nutritious and flavoursome meal in minutes.

Beef fajita jackets

This adventurous take on the simple jacket is a brilliant way to jazz up teatime, and makes a great change to the usual fajita dish. Delicious and quick to rustle up when you’ve got hungry bellies waiting to be fed!


Preparation is key

When it comes to saving time in the evenings, a few minutes spent preparing ingredients before bed or first thing in the morning can really make all the difference. Alternatively, using a slow cooker makes preparing meals much easier, as you can throw your ingredients in before you head off for the day and come home to a delicious dish ready to serve.


Stir-fry potatoes

If you were to marinate the potatoes for this tasty stir fry throughout the day you could easily have this dish on the table in around 20 minutes come teatime.

Potato pancakes

These are a great way to use up leftover mash - and would make a perfect accompaniment to fish fingers.

Slow cooker leek and potato soup

This delicious, warming dish can be set to cook first thing in the morning, saving lots of valuable time later in the day.


So save time, fill up and benefit from all the fantastic vitamins and minerals potatoes have to offer.