Bonfire Night: baked potatoes and other winter warmers

  • Jacket potato for Bonfire Night
27th Oct 2017

As well as colourful fireworks and a crackling bonfire, 5 November is all about enjoying warming comfort food on a crisp winter’s evening.

Jacket potatoes are a perfect choice for a winter’s night – easy to prepare as a batch, very customisable and can be left to slow cook to create that classic crispy skin and light and fluffy centre.

Whether you’re at an organised event or hosting your own celebration, these Bonfire Night favourites are guaranteed crowd pleasers.

Creating the perfect baked potato

Most supermarkets sell potatoes specifically for jackets or baking potatoes. These are the larger ones that are specially selected from the crop when they are size graded, so that you get a bag of nice, big, evenly-sized spuds. When it comes to jacket potatoes, size really does matter!

Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to cooking the perfect baked potato. To ensure the skins come out of the oven with that classic crispy texture and earthy taste, and that the inside is floury and fluffy, the key is not to rush the cooking time. Two hours at 190° is optimal (or longer at a lower temperature).

Take a look at this go-to guide for preparing the perfect baked potatoes from Delia Smith.

Filling the finished product

Baked potatoes are tasty as they are served with lashings of butter, but to really elevate them, filling them with additional toppings will bring a new layer of taste.

Potatoes are incredibly versatile and go well with all sorts of flavours and ingredients. Here are just a few of our favourite Bonfire Night toppings:

Baked chilli & jacket potatoes

For time-saving batch cooking, nothing could be better than a classic chilli con carne. Easy to prepare in advance and for your guests to help themselves to, this combination makes the perfect pair.

Jacket potatoes with home-baked beans

What could be better than baked beans on a baked spud? Don’t simply reach for the tin in the cupboard, because tasty baked beans can be made just as easily - and more healthily - in the home. This classic topping is great for vegetarians and can be prepared in bulk for your guests to tuck into.

Quick stuffed jacket potatoes with pancetta and Boursin

Give your spuds a Mediterranean twist with this speedy Italian style pesto mix from delicious.

Pizza-baked potato

A healthier choice for the little ones, this budget-friendly baked potato recipe from BBC Good Food combines classic pizza toppings on a crispy spud.

And for something completely different

Turn your bonfire into a big barbecue and try cooking the spuds straight on the flames for that extra smoky taste – read Gav Grayston’s ideas on how to cook baked potatoes on a campfire. Adult supervision is essential.

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