How to get your kids cooking and creating with potatoes

4th May 2020
Cooking Nutrition

Getting the kids involved with the cooking is a great way of teaching them about nutrition, how to make healthier choices and it also encourages them to try a new dish – especially if they’ve made it themselves.

Potatoes are perfect for making delicious and nutritious meals, whether they’re baked, mashed or roasted, we have a recipe to suit everyone’s taste buds. We think it’s important to introduce cooking to kids in a fun and engaging way, so we have a variety of homemade recipes and activities that are guaranteed to get them excited. 

Homemade potato snacks  

These homemade snacks are an excellent way of getting children involved in cooking and encourages them to try healthier foods.  

Potato crafts for kids  

If you have a couple of spuds left over or some extra that need using up, why not dedicate them to some arts and crafts for the kids. Our Spud Squad have a variety of craft activities to keep the kids active and inspire their creativity.  

  • Make your very own Mr Potato Head by decorating a potato with googly eyes, ice lolly sticks, yoghurt pots and fuzzy felts 
  • Create these potato stamps by cutting the spud in half and pressing a cookie cutter into its flesh - it makes painting much more fun  
  • Design your own superhero mask and become the newest member of the Spud Squad   

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