How to make cooking more fun for your kids

28th Apr 2017

Spending time in the kitchen with your kids preparing healthy and tasty dishes is a great way to get them excited about food.

The kitchen can be a fascinating place for young kids and whether they are of preschool age or teenagers, there are a number of activities they can do to help you prepare the family dinner as well as refine their own cooking skills.


As well as getting some quality family time with your little ones, by preparing easy meals that have been cooked from scratch together, they can develop their understanding of the importance of eating healthily and how to enjoy eating potatoes as part of a healthy balanced diet.


Take a look at some of our kid-friendly recipes below for you to try at home.

Potato and asparagus omelette

This recipe is a perfect starting point for kids of all ages. Youngsters can have a go at developing practical skills such as cracking the eggs whilst teenagers can learn a quick and easy go-to recipe if they are starting to prepare meals independently.

Our definitive mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes is definitely a kid-friendly family favourite of ours and enjoyed all around the world. We’re sure they will love helping mum and dad create the creamy mash.

Tip: if cooking with younger kids, start the mashing process to soften the consistency before letting the kids take over and then supervise them closely to avoid any accidents with steam.

Potato salad with sun-dried tomato and mozzarella

This potato salad is a great way to gradually introduce new flavours to the dinner table for younger kids to try. You could also try substituting the sun-dried tomatoes for sweeter cherry tomatoes or creamy mozzarella for a stronger feta or goat’s cheese.


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