Mother’s Day: Home-cooking recipes to treat Mum

8th Mar 2018

If you are in need some gift inspiration for Mother’s Day, sometimes something as simple as a home-cooked meal can be the best choice. A wholesome, home-cooked meal is a thoughtful alternative to buying a bunch of flowers, and is always bound to impress.

Spuds are one of the most versatile foods on the shelves and are packed full of goodness, so they are ideal for preparing delicious, nutritious dishes that show off your skills.

We have collected some of our favourite recipes for a home-cooked feast for you to use this Sunday, so that you can treat your Mum and show her how much you care.

Big Breakfasts

Firstly, breakfast! Treat your Mum to breakfast in bed with one of these wholesome breakfast recipes.

British breakfast tray-bake with new potatoes

This dish is the perfect way to start a leisurely weekend in style. This simple brunch recipe means it is ideal for even the most novice cook to knock together in the morning.

Breakfast potato cakes with smoked salmon and poached eggs

These potato cakes are a tasty alternative recipe to a classic Sunday morning dish. Why not add a bit of luxe to your morning celebrations with the classic combination of smoked salmon and poached eggs?

Lovable Lunches and Sides

These delicious recipes remind us of Mum’s Sunday cooking and will give you the chance to impress her with your own cooking skills.

Potato, leek & rocket soup

The earthy flavours of leek and rocket combine perfectly with potatoes in this simple, healthy soup, topped with sumptuous blue cheese croutons.

Chunky triple cooked chips

Use Maris Piper potatoes with this recipe if you can – they are great for ensuring your chips will be crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy in the middle.

Cassoulet of potatoes with tomato, feta & parsley

This dish is ideal for sharing with family and friends, so is the perfect recipe for a family meal.  

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