Seasonal recipes guaranteed to impress mum on Mother’s Day

  • Best ever BBQ bacon baked potato bombs
  • Gluten-free potato soufflé with porcini mushrooms
  • Guinness roasties
  • Sweet potato chocolate brownies
12th Mar 2020
Cooking Out and About

Potatoes are one of the most versatile foods on the shelves and are packed full of goodness, so they are ideal for preparing delicious, nutritious dishes that show off your Mother’s Day cookery skills.

Mother’s Day picnics with potatoes 

Make the most of the warmer days and surprise your mum on Mother’s Day to the first picnic of the year. These vibrant, healthy recipes are perfect for an afternoon feast, particularly when they’re alfresco.  

Best ever BBQ bacon baked potato bombs filled with crème fraiche and chives – ideal for a BBQ if the weather is right  

This New potato salad with asparagus is coated in a lemon and oil dressing and topped with blue cheese   

This zesty New potato salad with spring onion and chives is tossed in a lemon, wholegrain mustard, garlic and oil dressing to give it an extra kick  

Potato, pea and chickpea vegan samosas wrapped in filo pastry and filled with garlic, ginger, chilli, coriander, tikka masala paste and cumin seeds   

Surprise mum with a Mother’s Day lunch  

There’s no better way to show your mum how much you love her than by cooking her a delicious lunch while she puts her feet up. These homemade dishes are guaranteed to put a smile on her face.  

Gluten free potato pizzas are a healthier alternative to using traditional dough  

This lovely leftovers lamb hotpot is filled with tasty lamb chunks, carrots, onions and leeks, then topped with New potatoes and a sprig of rosemary 

This gluten-free potato soufflé with porcini mushrooms is ideal for a vegetarian starter or a light lunch 

This spiralised potato burger bun is a great twist on a traditional BBQ favourite  

Roasties to suit all  

Instead of taking your mum out for a meal, why not make her a homemade Sunday dinner. Whether you want a posh potato or a low-fat substitute, we have a variety of recipes for the all-important roast potatoes.  

These deliciously full-flavoured Guinness roasties are the perfect complement to a joint of beef or a rich stew  

Low-fat oven roastie cubes are a healthier alternative for the Sunday dinner plate  

These roasted New potatoes with lemon & crispy sage have a zesty, refreshing kick and go well with chicken or fish.  

If your mum has a particularly sweet tooth why not finish off the day with our vegan easy sweet potato chocolate brownies? They’re deliciously moreish and a healthier option to traditional brownies. 

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