Seven simple recipes you can make during lockdown

  • Smoky potato twists
  • Hearty potato skin soup
  • Guinness roasties
  • Gluten-free potato-based pizzas
  • Retro potato croquettes
  • Best ever BBQ bacon potato bombs
27th Apr 2020
Cooking Nutrition

The kitchen is the heart of the home and nothing beats a hearty meal with your family. As everyone is now spending more time at home it can be even harder to come up with tasty menu choices to satisfy the whole family, especially as some ingredients are a little harder to find.

Light lunches  

These tasty recipes make cooking for the family fun and stress-free, they’re easy to make as they only require a handful of ingredients and are perfect for a quick lunch.  

  • These smoky potato twists can be made with just potatoes, olive oil, salt and smoked paprika – if you can master the nifty cutting technique, they’re sure to impress the family. If your knife skills aren’t quite up to the challenge you could use a mandolin to make thin slices and lay them all out on the tray to cook so you get your own smoky homemade crisps 
  • Enjoy a hearty bowl of potato skin soup, it’s great for using up leftovers and makes plenty of servings  
  • These deliciously full-flavoured Guinness roasties are the perfect complement to a juicy joint of beef or rich stew 

Tasty treats for the kids  

The best way to teach kids about healthy eating is to get them helping in the kitchen, preparing food together. These recipes are fun and easy and will help them to think a little bit differently about what you can make with potatoes. 

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