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7th Jun 2016
Out and About

Seasonal Spuds officially kicks off this month - with the introduction of one of the UK's earliest, and most delicious, potato crop: Cornish potatoes.

Of course you can get great potatoes all year round now, and they’re a brilliantly healthy staple, but sometimes we all need a bit of inspiration. So here’s Seasonal Spuds - to celebrate all things seasonal in the world of spuds and help people across the UK to appreciate the versatility of fantastic range of potatoes out there.

We’ll be posting creative recipes, informative videos and top tips to highlight the opportunities to bring spuds in to a whole range of meals – from light summer salads to satisfying comfort food for the cold winter days. Keep your eyes 'peeled' for some simple 'back to basics' tutorials for beginners and, for the more adventurous, some dinner party selections which will convert your guests to spuds forever. There’ll also be competitions, games and features on our Facebook and Twitter.

And – very importantly – we’ll be letting you know when to look out for those special new season crops and provide you with inspiration to help you get the best out of them.

So, we’re kicking off with Cornish new potatoes. Cornwall is the first area in mainland UK to harvest new season potatoes each summer, so they really are a treat to look forward to. The region's milder climate means that Cornish new potatoes are ahead of those in the rest of the UK. Look out for Cornish new potatoes in supermarkets from June onwards – to us they always seem like the first real taste of summer!

With the help of Jack Stein, we’ve got some fantastic recipes for you to try. They’ll work well with any new or baby potatoes, but if you can get hold of some fresh new season Cornish new potatoes they’ll be even better. Their soft, flaky skin and mild sweet taste is almost synonymous with summer salads and we'll be giving you plenty of recipes to enjoy Cornish new potatoes no matter what the British weather may throw at us!