Time to say Buongiorno to Italian Potatoes

31st Oct 2017
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Autumn is a time of rich colour and flavours in our favourite dishes, a need for quick suppers that satisfy after-school hunger and dishes that brighten dark nights.

Ticking all the boxes as an autumn side-dish staple and main meal necessity are Italian new potatoes. In season from late October new potatoes from Italy are synonymous with the autumn season and a highlight in the seasonal spuds calendar. Renowned for their creamy texture and loose fluffy skins, Italian potatoes are a new potato that will bring back memories of summertime with their fresh, light flavour.

Available in stores from the end of October, we get the benefit of Italy still basking in the sunshine while we’re starting to feel the chill. The Italian climate in the late summer is perfect for planting new potatoes, while here in the UK we’re busy harvesting and eating ours. By October they’re ready to harvest and ship over to be enjoyed at their best.

Matching perfectly with the flavours of autumn, Italian potatoes make a great addition to spicy tagines, roasted meat, warming casseroles and pies. And for an Italian twist, pair them with pesto, garlic, onion and cheeses.

We’ve been growing our potatoes in the Puglia region situated in Italy’s sunny south east for many years. They’re grown along a 10 mile strip of coastline in free-draining sandy soil and harvested by hand to protect their delicate skins.

From roasted Italian new potatoes with lemon and crispy sage – the perfect accompaniment to roast chicken - to crushed Italian new potatoes with salsa verde and rocket for a delicious side to seabass or roasted stuffed peppers; there are so many ways to enjoy the tiny spuds.

Cooking and eating produce in season brings the best freshness, flavour and texture to your dishes and our recipes help you find the best spuds for the job.