Vegetable Shortage

  • Vegetable shortage
8th Feb 2017

If you’re responsible for the weekly shop, you may have noticed that some stock is a little low in the veg aisle this month.

Due to poor weather conditions in Southern Spain crops of lettuce, courgette, cabbage and broccoli have been badly affected with some supermarkets being forced to ration sales of certain vegetables, or increase prices.

Although the shortage is certainly real, you shouldn’t be too worried by the reduced supply – supermarket caps on the number of items customers can buy are mainly aimed as restaurateurs and café owners who are using supermarkets to get salad for their shop-made sandwiches and side dishes – as not many people buy more than three broccolis at a time.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are plenty of other vegetables you can try until supplies – and prices - are back to normal. Cauliflowers and leeks are currently in season and make a great addition to your roast – or try our stilton and leek bites for a moreish snack. Swap broccoli for a side dish of seasonal brussel sprouts, or try kale, which is at its best in February – you can sneak extra vegetables into dinner with our kale and sundried tomato mash recipe

As an alternative to courgetti from your spiralizer, try potatetti – we’ve got a delicious recipe for potatetti with pesto, a great gluten free alternative to pasta. And instead of iceberg lettuce, try making salads with spinach or rocket – like in our potato, mushroom and blue cheese salad.

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