World Vegetarian Day: Veggie-Friendly Favourites to Fill Your Plate

30th Sep 2016
Growing Nutrition

Excite your taste buds with the edifying flavours of soothing potatoes and fresh earthy autumnal root vegetables – creating a range of vegetarian dishes packed full of flavour.

With World Vegetarian Day around the corner on 1 October, it’s time to expand your culinary creativity by putting fantastic seasonal vegetables centre stage. 

Even for meat-eaters, it’s easy to create delicious and filling main meals by using fresh vegetables with the right combinations of flavour.

Zesty Potato Salad with Beetroot and Fennel

Potato salads are a great way to combine all the best bits of seasonal vegetables to create a tasty and filling main meal. For a fragrant, fennel feast follow our quick and easy recipe and why not even try creating an alternative dressing?

Stir-fry Potatoes

Coupled with some red pepper and pak choi, this delicious Asian-inspired dish proves that stir-fry doesn't always need noodles or rice to create a hearty meal!


Scrumptious Sides

Autumn is prime time for root vegetables and these classic earthy flavours are the perfect accompaniment to enhance your main dishes. Potatoes are incredibly versatile and can be used to create flavourful side dishes which as exciting as the main meal!

Roasted Roots

The flavours of earthy beets and sweet carrots combine perfectly with potatoes in this simply healthy dish with a rich and warming dressing.

Chunky Triple Cooked Chips

Three is definitely the magic number when it comes to creating a classic side dish for your vegetarian feast. These chunky triple cooked chips really are thrice as nice!