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What is the Discovery Pack?

Did you know there are over 3,000 different varieties of potatoes in the world? But here in the UK we tend to focus on just a few popular favourites. Our potato experts are on a mission to unearth some more interesting and unusual spuds for you to try. Unlike your everyday all-rounders, they’re only grown in limited amounts - so get them while you can.

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Variety spotlight...

Violet Queen

Violet Queen small to medium oval shaped potatoes with a blue-purple to almost black outer skin and an inner flesh that retains its very dark violet colour, even after cooking. They have quite a dense, rich texture which is best roasted or boiled, rather than fried. The flavour is more intense than a standard white potato, with a taste reminiscent of chestnuts with an aroma a bit like hazelnuts.

Variety spotlight...


Violetta are small to medium oval shaped potatoes with a blue-purple skin that appears quite dark grey when dry and goes darker when wet. The flesh has an intense violet-blue colour when raw. This will fade slightly during cooking. Some people prefer to boil them in their skins before peeling them thinly with a knife. This can help to retain even more of the colour and the nutrients.

Variety spotlight...

Shetland Black

Shetland Black is a dark coloured heritage potato with a purply black skin and a pale, creamy yellow flesh with a ring of purple. Its small to medium, oval shaped tubers look good cooked with the skin on as you get a nice contrast in colour. This variety is perfect for roasting, boiling, steaming.

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