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Canarian-style Potatoes

These small wrinkled potatoes are the epitome of Canary Islands cuisine and when done the right way, are truly delightful. Simply top with the spicy Mojo picón sauce to recreate this delicious traditional recipe

Tapas-style patatas with chorizo

Chorizo and chunky patatas - those ubiquitous tapas favourites are combined here in a deliciously spicy sauce. Perfect with some juicy olives and a creamy dip.

Hungry Healthy Happy’s Greek-style New potatoes

"There are roast potatoes, and then there are roast Greek Potatoes. These are next level. Delicious New potatoes coated in olive oil, lemon juice and Greek herbs and baked to perfection before getting a sprinkling of feta and fresh thyme. The perfect addition to any BBQ or picnic this summer". Recipe created for Seasonal Spuds, by Dannii Martin at Hungry Healthy Happy.

New potato shakshuka

You’ll need a large skillet / sauté pan with a lid to cook this delicious Middle-Eastern influenced dish. The eggs are gently poached in the tomatoey sauce and the addition of potatoes adds some satisfying bulk to soak up all rich flavours.

Chermoula fish and New potato tagine

This spicy chermoula fish and New potato tagine is sure to get your taste buds tingling. You could buy ready made chermoula spice paste if you're looking for a short-cut.