Delicious and nutritious recipes to help you get the best out of your potatoes whatever the season

Spiralised potato burger bun

Spiralisers are great for adding a twist to potatoes too. Here’s a gluten-free way to make your burgers a bit more special by using spiralised potatoes to make ‘buntatoes’.

Souffléd potato with porcini mushrooms

Here’s a delicious gluten-free vegetarian soufflé that would make an ideal starter or light lunch. You can make the mashed potato fresh or use up some that’s left-over. You’ll just need to heat it up before mixing.

Guinness Roasties

Here’s a deliciously full-flavoured version of roasties that would be a perfect complement to a juicy joint of beef or rich stew.

Potato, Leek and Stilton bites

Tangy leek combines perfectly with the rich earthiness of the potato and creaminess of Stilton to create these delicious bites, great for any party.