A guide to seasonal vegetables

20th Aug 2019
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Our maincrop potatoes grow through the summer and are harvested in the late summer and autumn.You might notice a thinner, slightly papery skin on the Bakers for your summer barbecue.

These new season potatoes have been freshly harvested straight from the field, but you’ll find that they don’t keep very long. Later in the season, potatoes are kept in the ground a little longer so that the skins firm up and seal in all the goodness. This means that they can be carefully stored in a controlled environment so that fresh UK potatoes are available all year round.

Not all fresh produce keeps this well. New potatoes, for example, with their fluffy loose skins are a seasonal treat. We can source them from other parts of the world, but if you’re after the really fresh UK grown crops, then you’ll need to be on the lookout for Jersey Royals and Cornish New potatoes in the spring and summer.

You can download our seasonal produce guide here