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Here we aim to share our passion for potatoes and provide ideas and inspiration to help you get the best out of them too. There are two aspects to the seasonality of our spuds here in the UK. The first is about celebrating the arrival of our freshly harvested new season crops. The second is about welcoming the changing of the seasons with different flavours, textures and food combinations so that you can enjoy spuds in a myriad of interesting ways throughout the year. Try our favourite seasonal potato recipes and get potato cooking advice from the experts.

What we do

We work with some of the nation’s best chefs and recipe developers to produce nutritious and innovative dishes made from everyone’s favourite vegetable – the versatile spud. From farm to fork we’ll help you to find out more about what makes spuds special, here in the UK and beyond.

Our recipes

Harissa potato & chorizo skewers

These delicious potato and chorizo skewers are the perfect option for a starter or main course.

Sweet potato tortilla

Tasty and filling, this recipe makes the perfect lunch or brunch and you'd never know it was vegan.

Sweet potato burritos

These burritos are healthy and packed full of flavour, the perfect recipe to mix up your mid-week meals.

Together with Branston

We’re a part of one of the UK’s largest suppliers, Branston Ltd. The company has grown from humble beginnings as a co-operative of local farmers back in 1968 to handling over 350,000 tonnes of fresh potatoes a year at three UK sites. Not that we’re biased of course, but we think they’re spuddy marvellous! And now we’re also a major supplier of sweet potatoes too, it opens up a whole new world of delicious possibilities.


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