Flexitarianism: Why more of us choose plants and potatoes over pork and poultry (most of the time)

30th Jan 2017

Find out why almost one third of the UK population are enjoying a part-time meat-free diet.

From vegetarians and vegans to pescatarians and fruitarians, more of us are choosing to change what we eat to suit our ever-changing lifestyles. The days of the classic meat and two veg are almost behind us, with over 1.2 million people in the UK alone identifying as vegetarian and a further half a million vegans

But what about those of us, around 30% of the UK population, who want to enjoy a meat-free diet most of the time?

The flexitarian diet has enjoyed a significant increase in followers over the last few years and, according to The Flexitarian, there are no strict rules to the diet. Some flexitarians will have a meat-free meal once a week while others will only eat meat on rare occasions.

Potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetarian, and flexitarian-friendly foods available, and what’s more, they are packed full of goodness. This makes them the perfect staple ingredient for any dish, with or without meat.

Spuds are a fantastic source of many of your essential nutrients, including potassium, fibre and vitamin B, and are an easy and cost-effective way of reaching your daily intake without the need for expensive supplements.


Flexitarian Favourites

It’s easy to create delicious and filling dishes by using fresh vegetables, spuds and all minus the meat.

Cassoulet of potatoes with tomato, feta & parsley

This is a hearty vegetarian stew with a tasty Mediterranean twist that will keep out the cold and take you back to those warm summer evenings.

Potatetti with pesto

Spiralizers are a great way to switch up your style of preparing potatoes.  Potatoes are gluten-free and richer in vitamins than pasta, so why not try some delicious ‘potatetti’?

Spinach, ricotta and tomato frittata

This is a substantial lunchtime treat, delicious served still slightly warm with a green salad or great cooled and packed in a lunchbox.


Meat-day Treats

Whether they’re baked, chipped or fried, potatoes are a great accompaniment to any meaty main course.


This is a delicious recipe based on a traditional Alpine dish, which showcases Reblochon - a smooth creamy cheese with a thin rind and fantastic melting properties. Paired with delicious bacon lardons, this dish is a great comfort food on a cold evening.

Potato & Salmon Patties

This dish is ideal both for using up leftover mash and to enjoy as a delicious alternative to meat and poultry.


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