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Stretch your Spuds

Not only are potatoes delicious and nutritious, they’re also very versatile. Spuds are an economical staple that can be cooked in many different ways, with lots of options to do your own thing. Take a look at our recipes for inspiring ways you can stretch your spuds.

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Poutine - oven chips, curds & gravy+

Poutine is a classic Canadian street food and here's our oven-based version. Traditionally made with cheese curds, which can be bought from specialist cheese shops or ordered online, it works just as well with creamy buffalo mozzarella. Topped with a rich gravy, it’s a deliciously gooey take on loaded fries.

Potato, pea and chickpea vegan samosas+

These vegan samosas are ideal finger food for a party snack, or as a side dish to go with a homemade curry. Baking them in the oven is a much healthier alternative to the fried ones you find in restaurants and take-aways. Once you’ve cracked the folding of the filo, you can experiment with different fillings.

Harvest time

Find out how potatoes are harvested

Autumn is harvest time for most potato growers. Their maincrop potatoes have been growing throughout the summer and are now ready to be unearthed. Here’s how it happens…

Harvest time

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Posted: 16th June 2022

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