Three delicious reasons why you should eat more seasonal produce

17th Mar 2017
Growing Nutrition

Lots of the veg we produce in the UK is grown seasonally. Read our three good reasons as to why we should be eating more of our own fresh produce.

Seasonal eating is all about buying produce during the season when it’s at its best. From boosting your nutrient intake to eating fruit and veg while it’s at its tastiest, here are three good reasons why we should all eat seasonally.

1) It tastes good!

Out of season fruits and vegetables are often picked earlier than they are ready so that they can travel long distances before they end up on shop shelves. Think of how flavoursome and juicy ripe plums and apricots taste in the middle of summer or how sweet and fresh peas and asparagus are when they’re grown here in the UK.

2) You’ll save money 

When produce is in season, it’s usually in plentiful supply in the UK, which means your favourite fruit or veg won’t be pulling on the purse strings! Follow us on Pinterest for seasonal recipes throughout the year:

3) Add variety to your diet

Eating a wider variety of food ensures you take in a wider variety of nutrients. It also allows you to regularly change and adapt your meals depending on the season. At last, you no longer have to repeatedly rotate the same dishes, but are free to experiment with diverse dishes that change depending on the season! Why not take inspiration from The British Larder and catalogue your recipes by season?

Ready to start sizing up those sweet seasonal eats? Check out this seasonality table before you head to the shops. There are also many schemes that exist through the country that deliver seasonal produce to your door, although your high-street supermarket will also have a great selection – just do some quick internet research first or look for information on the packaging. This list doesn’t cover all of the UK, but it does give you an idea of the sort produce that can be found at your doorstep.

Potatoes taste delicious all year round, but there are also some seasonal treats to look forward to for new potatoes. These have to be freshly harvested, so different seasonal specialities are only available at certain times of the year. We’ve created some mouth-watering recipes to make the most of different types of potatoes while they’re at their best. Follow us on Facebook for a range of meals you can create to make the most of seasonal spuds and other seasonal foods.