Seasonal Spuds take a seat at the Table of Delights

23rd Feb 2018

We love potatoes at Seasonal Spuds and we’ve been working with food entertainment collaboration Table of Delights to share all that is great about potatoes with children across the UK.

They’ve been singing songs, stuffing potato skins and meeting up with potato experts to create a menu of child-friendly online content for use by teachers and parents in school or at home.

Where it all starts

The journey from farm to fork starts in a Somerset field, where potato agronomist Livia shows us how potatoes grow and go from being harvested to packed in to bags for supermarkets.

Spuds spuds (they grow in the mud)

Take a tour through some of the most popular potato varieties available and find out about what makes each one so special (and so tasty!)

Altogether now! Spuds spuds, they grow in the mud, you dig them up and you eat them…

Compete in the PotatOlympics

‘Peeling’ up to the challenge? Speed peeling, puzzle solving and relay racing are among some of the spud-themed activities kids can participate in at home. All you will need is a bag of potatoes and a little creativity to get you started. These are also a great way of keeping the little ones occupied during the school holidays!

Potatoes three-ways

There’s more than one way to prepare a potato so look beyond jackets and mash and try these tasty potato farls, stuffed potatoes and crispy potato skins. They’re perfect for encouraging the kids to try something new whilst making use of every part of the potato, reducing unnecessary food waste.

Have you taken part in any of our spud-themed activities? Let us know by tweeting @seasonalspuds or get in touch on our Facebook page.