You’ll find more fat in a parsnip! Proof potatoes ARE the dieter’s friend

17th Jan 2018

New Year is a time when many of us think about dusting off our gym memberships and making a conscious effort to eat more healthy foods. Often, this means January dieters look to cut out carbohydrates - and potatoes are one of several casualties of this pledge.

One in three* of us believe that removing potatoes from our diets will help us lose weight – and a quarter of us think they’re fattening*, but did you know that despite the popular myth, there is no saturated fat in a potato?

In fact you’ll find more fat (and as a result, more calories) per 100 grams in boiled parsnips that you will in boiled new potatoes.

Yes, seriously.

When compared to other carbohydrates typically found in the supermarkets, spuds have less than half the calories of wholemeal bread and spaghetti.

Perhaps most surprising of all, a baked white potato – both the skin and the flesh – contains the lowest amount of fat per 100g than any of the food items measured in the table below, including brown rice, parsnips and even cauliflower. 

Potatoes are naturally gluten free, sodium free, a good source of fibre and contain many of your essential vitamins, including vitamin C, potassium and vitamin B6.

Spuds only become fattening when you add ingredients like fat and oil. Enjoyed on their own, they are a tasty low-fat choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a diet.

Need some healthy eating inspiration? Take a look at a few of our ideas below.


Cited as the most important meal of the day, a hearty breakfast not only helps to kick-start your metabolism and give you some much needed energy, but it will go a long way to help prevent mid-morning snacking.

With just ten minutes needed from start to finish, this tasty potato and asparagus omelette is great for a quick but filling weekday breakfast.


Turmeric is one of the latest superfoods to emerge in the fitness world, so we’ve flavoured our ‘power bowl’ of avocados, chickpeas, quinoa and more with the warming spice. Cornish new potatoes are in season in the summer months, so for a year-round dish, use baby or new potatoes instead.


Although it’s a much-loved family dinner staple, pasta is a calorie-dense food and even when opting for a wholemeal variety, does little in the way of weight loss. Try swapping out pasta for our spiralised potatetti as a healthier but equally-delicious option.

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*YouGov perception statistics for July/August 2017 – provided by the AHDB, sample size: 2000